1885 Podcast Listed Lion Show with Butterfly Collector and Bongo

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Welcome to the new season and hopefully it will be as good as the last one.


This is first episode of brand new show called listed lion after the successful pilot last season.


This first episode see’s two big characters’ from millwall forum called House of Fun very pleased to have on this weeks show Butterfly collector and Bongo.

The years included in the show are 1974/5 and 1980/81



Also spoken about in this week’s show is the hull game from 1988



Video footage from itv of all teams including Millwall from 1974/5 season


Video footage from itv of all teams including Millwall from 1980/81 season


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 1885 Listed Lion Episode 1 2018/9 Season Butterfly Collector & Bongo http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-x3kit-96fbce#.W20vHV1D9H8.twitter– 

Brand new 1885 Show coming in Sept talking all things Millwall including the good the bad and the dam right ugly don’t miss this new show.

Also going is a brand new show based to the younger listeners under 25 with a full youth take over great things coming from 1885 this season.


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