Reg Burr, Chairman

Reg Burr became chairman of Millwall in July, 1986. He had been involved in football for 25 years, including a short period as a Millwall director and 11 years as a director of Luton Town. Burr was asked to become … Continued

John Docherty, Manager.

John Docherty, Manager.  “Players grew away from fans, not through any will on their part, but just by the evolution of football and the money that came into the game. That was sad. When League football clubs began, their players … Continued

Millwall Years 1945 – 1964

“Rise like lions after slumber”, wrote Shelley. Poets are none too thick on the ground down in SE14, but this is the home territory of the Lions, the popular name for Millwall, and they have echoed the words by periodic … Continued