Ams response to the latest Regen News

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imageWe welcome the news that Lewisham Council have appointed independent experts to examine the proposals put forward by Millwall FC and urge everyone to contribute positively in whatever way they can.

It is clear that years have been wasted, partly due to the failure of the club to properly engage with with the council, a cynic might well ask, why was it only recently that our Chairman met with Cabinet members to put his/our case. But also partly because we as fans sat around expecting others to protect our club.

But that is a discussion for another day.

It would be wrong not to mention the unstinting support of the Southwark News, who backed the club when others stayed silent. A proper community newspaper standing up for the community.

Today we must applaud the decision and hope that at last we are part of the future and not some bit player tossed aside in favour of the unproven developers Renewal.


EDITORIAL: Better late than never, Lewisham Council

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