Ams Statement 19-1-2017

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AMS statement

Tonight’s revelations by The Guardian’s will shock all who have followed this sorry New Bermondsey affair.

The AMS will make no comment on the specific allegations, which will need to follow due process.

However we do take this moment to call for a halt to the now discredited CPO proposals for Millwall’s land and for a new, inclusive approach to begin. One which aims at an amicable solution for all parties to the much needed regeneration of the area.

The AMS wishes to thank the fantastic investigative journalism of Barney Ronay, as well as the invaluable and ongoing help of our source, whom we have dubbed ‘Swiss Tony’.

Our work continues into all aspects of this disgraced scheme. Any request for help or information from the appropriate authorities will of course be complied with.

Finally we wish to thank the support, effort and assistance of the Milwall family and beyond. You all know who you are, you are amazing, we are in your debt.

Up the Lions!