AMS Statement 3-2-2017

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AMS STATEMENT – 03.02.17

Further to today’s Lewisham council statement claiming that the New Bermondsey scheme Compulsory Purchase Order threat ‘has no force and cannot be implemented’, the AMS agrees that matters ‘couldn’t be clearer’.

It could not indeed be clearer that the statement stops short of eliminating the possibility that a fresh decision by the council could restart the process

Possibly in the aftermath of whatever investigation into this scandal actually takes place.

So let us be crystal clear in return:

  • There is a deep mistrust and anger toward the current Catford Town Hall regime amongst Millwall fans.
  • Too much water has flowed under the bridge for Mayor Bullock to remain a player in this process and we look for him to be gone – as soon as possible.
  • In order for the club and its community scheme to be truly at the heart of the much needed regeneration of South Bermondsey,
  • It must be announced publicly by who ever leads Lewisham, that the CPOs will never be revisited – ever.

No hazy words. No phrases that can be read two ways. No more double speak.

Crystal clear and in the open. Lewisham must put Millwall FC and the award winning community scheme  at the HEART of any future plans – which will be undertaken by agreement only.

AMS enquiries have revealed that:

1 – Mayor Bullock is in breach of the Members’ Code of Conduct, as published. This is already the current subject of an internal inquiry and the results for the same provide ample grounds for the LB of Lewisham to achieve the pre-requisites outlined above. This can be done in compliance with the Council’s published codes.

2 –The capital pledges published by Renewal are predominantly bogus. Where they are bona fide, they have been based upon false claims and exaggeration. This is also subject to an internal inquiry and we look forward to receiving its findings in due course.

3 – The activities of the Surrey Canal Sports Foundation, in so far as they have been active at all, duplicate the provision of the pre-existing facilities and even go so far as to divert from existing, well-respected, charitable activities which achieve LBL’s aspirations within that particular realm of Public Policy.

4 – In addition to being widely discredited as an institution, SCSF has been placed there by and solely for the benefit of, the proponents of the CPO scheme.

5 – A web of pre-existing relationships and conflicts of interest exist, even with the most cursory of examinations with regard to particular LBL officers and elected politicians. The overwhelming majority of that material has not yet been circulated. However, the current situation is entirely unacceptable and the AMS will cite as evidence the same, either before the Court – or at Inquiry in due course.

“Until real change in leadership, proposals and approach at the London Borough of Lewisham, the AMS fight continues”

To the finish.

AMS Group