Ams Statement after Lewisham Decision

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Tonight is a heartbreaking decision and we all have real fears for the future of the our club. But tonight mustn’t be about making quick decisions and turning against each other.

We need to hear quickly from the club. A comprehensive statement, setting out their position and also explaining truthfully and in detail what went wrong. It has been claimed that all the club ever submitted was a drawing along with some bullet points. Is this true, if so what happened to the big plans we were told existed?

The MSC must speak up and explain what they intend to do.

AMS stands ready to work with anyone who wants to ensure a safe future for the club. If our current representatives aren’t up for that fight – they need to tell us.

So tonight we call on everyone, the club, the council, Renewal, the MSC, the local MPs and anyone else with an interest to meet with us.

Name the date and time and we will be there.

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