Ams Statement Regarding Today’s CPO decision

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AMS statement 25.01.17

Today’s surprise announcement by Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock that the Compulsory Purchase Order threat over The Den has been lifted will come as very welcome news.

Let us be under no illusion however. The politicians of Lewisham Council have not folded like a deck of cards this week because of any sense of the essential wrongness of their position.

No, they have forced into a humiliating climbdown because of the sheer weight of public pressure.

Pressure from the Millwall Family. Pressure from fans from the wider world. Pressure from ordinary members of the public who see a need to make a stand.

Let us be clear: Steve Bullock has been the driving force behind the discredited New Bermondsey scheme from the very start. He has embarrassed the proud role of Mayor of Lewisham and his position is consequently untenable.

Any new beginning. Any rebuilding of trust. Any restatement of the great value to the borough that our beloved club and its wonderful community scheme brings, is entirely dependent on his resignation.

Until then sadly, we continue our research into all aspects of this sorry affair. Not least the background of the favoured ‘Renewal’ developer and its web of foreign based ownership.

Today powerful local politicians were forced to eat humble pie, to back down and to put a temporary stop to their plans, by YOU.

This coming Sunday we have a fantastic opportunity at home to Watford in the FA Cup to show the world what being a Millwall fan means. In fact, why not declare this Sunday to be VIL Day?

Victory In Lewisham Day.

See you there?
AMS Group

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