Ams Statment

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Ams Statement

The decision of the Lewisham Council Cabinet to seek approval for Compulsory Purchase Orders on land and property that will have a direct impact on the future of Millwall Football Club and Millwall Community Trust which has understandably angered both Millwall fans and the wider community.

We applaud the decision of the club to carry on fighting and we are already linking up with other fans groups, MPs and Cllrs to make sure that the next stage of the process sees a united and determined front. It is only by standing together that we will win.

During this campaign we will be arguing the cause of the club and community firmly and loudly – we know we must also seek to convert or recruit others to our cause.

We urge all Millwall fans to campaign without abuse, threats or intimidation – people using such tactics can only damage the campaign and give those already against ammunition.

Stand Millwall … Stand Together

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