Appeal: Help fund dream wedding for terminally ill Lions fan Courtney

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At Millwall we have always looked after our own, none more so, than those in need of help. To best explain young mum Courtney’s situation here’s an excerpt from her fundraising page:

Courtney was just 19 yrs old when she received the devastating news that she had cancer. She is now 27 and has been through so much since her initial diagnosis, starting with having her Kidney removed to undergoing chemotherapy. In 2008 her brother Jordon (age 21) was also diagnosed with cancer, a malignant melanoma.

Jordan had a very different cancer to Courtney’s, tragically after receiving a number of regular and trial treatments, he died on 6th Jan 2009 aged just 22.
This was such a difficult time, as it would be for anyone, losing a brother and son to cancer. But the fact that Courtney was going through a similar experience made this whole situation, a billion times worse. Despite this she picked herself up and carried on.

Agaisnt all the odds, Courtney became pregnant, giving birth to Dolcie on 25th September 2009. This was the most positive thing to happen for a long while and kept the family strong whilst greiving for Jordon.

Unfortunately during her pregnancy, her cancer returned. Courtney was told her cancer was back and had spread widely. Since then she has received multiple treatments including chemotherapy, trials, surgery and radiotherapy. She has no more treatment options.

Courtney has been unbeleivable strong, coping with treatments and their side effects and was often given bad news, whilst being a mum and raising a beautiful little girl alongside her partner Billy, who has been her rock throughout the years. Billy proposed to Courtney in November 2013.

They had planned to get married in November 2015, but this week was advised by her medical team that they should bring forward the wedding as she may not be well enough in November, as her disease is terminal. This had a huge impact on the family who didn’t expect to hear that her death was going to be so soon. They had a dream for a fairytale wedding to provide an extra special positive memory for Dolcie, Billy and their families and are now concerned this may not be able to happen due to financial pressures of organising a wedding at such short notice.

We need to raise money quickly to give Courtney, Billy and Dolcie the day they deserve and provide a special memory that the family will always treasure.
Please donate to this worthy cause to help make their dream come true.

Visit Courtney’s fundraising page

If you can give a little to help Courtney please do, also sharing this link socially on Twitter and Facebook will really help to spread the word.

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