Ayse Smith Joins Ams as Fan liaison.

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Dear All

As most of you will be aware, I have taken the decision to step down from my role on the MSC Committee following 10 years of service, during which time I always fought on behalf of Millwall fans, whether it be with regards their treatment at the hands of the police, press, of the club itself. I have also been at the forefront in terms of our commitment to fund-raising and charities, which I will continue to do.

As to my reasons for stepping down, there is a view that I had missed too many meetings this last year, due to a combination of my having to undergo treatment for breast cancer and my commitment to my full-time role working with the elderly, a view I reject. Indeed, I would counter that work commitments and on-going health issues, whilst problematic, have never interfered with my role on the MSC, my dedication to my charity work, or my commitment to the supporters I, and we, represent. I also believe strongly that the direction in which the MSC is moving has become too autocratic, and is no longer representing Millwall supporters in the way it was originally envisaged.

In finality, I would like to offer my appreciation to everyone I have served with over my years with the MSC, and sincerely thank all those who have supported me in my role on the Committee, in terms of my personal health struggles, and in my commitment to my work and charitable causes.


1. So you are with AMS now, what position will you be doing?
I will be mainly helping with charity projects, the FSF, and a kind of Fans liason.
Fans are welcome to come and talk to me, email or message via twitter, about anything they are concerned about.

2. What made you join AMS and what can you add to them?
AMS are curreently the only fan group that actually represent the fans. They have taken on Lewisham council head on, and enlightened us all into the dark world of property development and the unscrupulous people within it. Hopefully I can help by adding another dimension to the group.

3. Will you still be doing The Lions Roars as an independent fanzine or is that becoming an AMS Fanzine?
The Lion Roars always has been, and always will be independent of any other group. There may some joint ventures and projects, but it will still be completely separate to AMS.

4. What do you enjoy about helping our fans?
I remember feeling helpless about things that affect us fans every game, home and away, and its a great feeling to be able to bring peoples problems directly to the people that need to know about them to deal with it and make the situation, whether it be the police, Away clubs, or Millwall FC

5. We see in your statement about you’ve been fighting breast cancer this last year, how are things now as most fans will be worried?
Things are going ok, the main bulk of operations and treatment is over now, I am just having follow up appointments and on medication for the next 5yrs until I get the all clear.
Not many people knew about it really, I didn’t let it get me down, I worked throughout it, only having 2 days off after the op. But I think my work with fans and charities and my day job with the elderly helped me focus on something else and on help that others needed, so I didn’t think about my own situation so much.

6. Will you still be fighting for fans like you did with the MSC?
Yes definitely, its the most important thing of all. As football fans we get treated like 2nd class citizens, not just by the authorities and football governing bodies, but by our own club too sometimes, because they know in most cases they can do whatever they want as we will still keep turning up. We must keep fighting the FA, EFL and Sky & BT who keep agreeing ridiculous fixtures times and days to boost their schedule with no thought for the fans having to travel.

7. You said the MSC has lost its way, how and when did this happen in your eyes?
The old MSC committee did fantastic work, but were never very good at publicising it, maybe because everyone was too modest to brag about it.
The new committee however, are the complete opposite, very proactive in getting stuff publicised. That in itself is not a bad thing at all, but when it is fuelled by the overinflated egos of just a couple of the committee, it just doesn’t sit comfortably with me.

8. What makes you a great fan liaison for AMS?
I like to think that I am very approachable. I have been at the front gate for many years selling the TLR and meeting and helping fans with different problems and gripes that they may have emailed the MSC with, or messaged me privately. I’d like to think that people could still do the same thing.