Calling all Millwall fans your club needs you.

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Calling all Millwall fans.

Next Wednesday Lewisham Council Cabinet will decide on compulsory purchase orders on land around the Den – please do the following.

Write/email to all Lewisham cabinet members urgently asking them to oppose the CPO and continue discussions with the club and work with the club to reach a resolution acceptable to all.

If you live in Lewisham write/email your councillor and MP asking for their support full details below.

We have written to the Mayor and Cabinet of Lewisham Borough Council.

Below is suggested text for email/letter to Lewisham Cabinet members and Mayor.

Please copy it and send to the councillors named here: ( the cabinet (contact details here: click on name:

If you live in Lewisham please copy your email to your local councillor (you can find your councillor here by entering your post code 

If you live in Southwark please copy your email to your local councillor (you can find your councillor here by entering your post code here

 Please copy your email to your local MP (you can find your MP here by entering your post code  

Please pass this onto your friends and family ask them to send it as well.


Dear Mayor and Cabinet of Lewisham Borough Council

We are writing in connection with the decision Lewisham Borough Council’s Cabinet will be asked to make, on Wednesday 7th September 2016, which will impact on the future of Millwall Football Club and the Millwall Community Trust and may put the Clubs’ survival in doubt.

 The Council is proposing to seek a compulsory purchase order (CPO) for the land currently leased around the stadium. We understand that after the CPO is granted the Council will enter into a contract with a private company (Renewal) to redevelop the area.

Although the land occupied by the stadium appears to be protected under the terms of the current lease we also ask the council to consider imposing a long term covenant that provides the area subjected to the current lease as ‘home ground to Millwall FC’ for as long as the club exists. Such a move will give vital reassurance and also instill confidence in the fan base that that the club will not be forced out by developers.

The wider issue of the community facility needs addressing and we would urge the council to re-open discussions with the club to a) ensure a long term future for community development work and b) allow joint plans to be brought forward and developed jointly with the council.

We understand that this letter comes late in the day but as fans we have not been directly invited to be part of the discussions and negotiations. We are, without doubt, the largest single group who the plans will affect and our voices should be heard. The club and its fans very much see the current ground and associated facilities as home and as such believe that we should have been asked for our views.

 The talks and planning of the regeneration of the area have been ongoing for many years now.

 We look forward to your positive reply


Kind regards

AMS Group



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