Crowdfunding Appeal

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As you may be aware from the local, national and International news, the AMS have been active in exposing the ownership of ‘Renewal’ and the connections via Lewisham Council to the compulsory purchase order to force the redevelopment of the land around The Den.

After yet another postponement of the final decision, the AMS has found itself at a crossroads in the campaign. Because of the offshore nature of the companies and trusts involved, to gain more information on these and the individuals connected to them, we are now beginning to incur significant costs that, up until this point, have been met by the principal members of AMS.

If this fight is to go on until it’s natural conclusion, we need to raise funds to allow it to continue. To that end, we have reluctantly decided to ask interested parties to contribute to the ‘fighting fund’ that we will no doubt need in the coming months and possibly years.

The page can be found here and we have already raised a large amount but we need to maximise this fund not only for the fight against Renewal and Lewisham Council but also for the good causes that stand to benefit from the balance.

Thank you for standing with us Millwall fans and thank you also to the wider football community.

”Biggest small club in the world”.