Enemy at the gates

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Enemy at the gates

Calling all Millwall fans. Everywhere.

In just seven days’ time at Catford Town Hall on January 11th 2017 at 6pm, Millwall FC’s fate will once again rest in the hands of the Lewisham Council Cabinet.

Once again they are set to meet to decide on enforcing Compulsory Purchase Orders for The Den’s car park and associated stadium lands. All in favour of ‘Renewal’, an offshore based developer set up by a former Lewisham mayor who was also a director of the club, as well as a former council staff member.

This will have a devastating effect on our beloved Lions.

Not only will this prevent the club from developing an income as part of the New Bermondsey scheme, it will cripple our status as an Academy side and damage the well-respected Millwall Community Scheme.

We need YOU to help us.

Please write to the Mayor and Cabinet of Lewisham Borough Council setting out your concern about the future of Millwall Football Club.

Below is suggested text for email or letter to the Lewisham Cabinet members and Mayor.


Please copy this wording into an email and send to the Cabinet members listed below:



Dear Mayor and Cabinet of Lewisham Borough Council,


We are writing in connection with the decision Lewisham Borough Council’s Cabinet will be asked to make on January 11th 2017 regarding the ‘New Bermondsey’ compulsory purchase orders which will impact on the future of Millwall Football Club, the club’s status as an FA approved level 1/2 Academy side, the Millwall Community Trust, local residents, local businesses and which will certainly put Millwall’s very survival in doubt.

The Council is proposing to seek a compulsory purchase order (CPO) for the land currently leased around the stadium. We understand that after the CPO is granted the Council will enter into a contract with a private company (Renewal) to redevelop the area.

Millwall FC who are, and should be seen as being, as a valued part of the local community, have put forward their own plans and I understand the club chairman, on behalf of the directors and shareholders has written to you setting out the current objections.

We ask that any decision is opposed until a much more inclusive arrangement between Millwall FC, local stakeholders and the developer can be reached.

Any imposition of the CPOs will have far reaching and destructive consequences for the football club, its associated academy, the community scheme, local residents and businesses and not least, the reutation of Lewisham Council itself.

We ask the Lewisham prevail on all sides to build community, develop long term commitment, nurture financial viability and stability by opposing the proposed CPO orders and working with all sides to secure the future of Millwall FC in the borough.

Although the land occupied by the stadium appears to be protected under the terms of the current lease, we also ask the council to consider imposing a long term covenant that provides the area subjected to the current lease as ‘home ground to Millwall FC’ for as long as the club exists. Such a move will give vital reassurance and also instill confidence in the fan base that that the club will not be forced out by developers.

We understand and support the principle of improving and regenerating the New Bermondsey area and we do not seek conflict. It is a fact however that the current scheme if supported by the use of public powers will strangle Millwall FC and could  force its departure from the borough.

We hope you will agree that would be a sad day for the club and Lewisham given the historic ties between us.


We look forward to your positive reply


Kind regards



Please copy and send to these councillors, PLEASE keep any tweets clean, polite and non threatening. These can only harm our club’s case


Steve Bullock – (steve.bullock@lewisham.gov.uk)  – @mayorbullock

The Cabinet:

Alan Smith – cllr_alan.smith@lewisham.gov.uk – @CllrAl

Chris Best – cllr_chris.best@lewisham.gov.uk – @ChrisBestUK

Kevin Bonavia – cllr_kevin.bonavia@lewisham.gov.uk – @kevinbonavia

Janet Daby – Cllr_janet.daby@lewisham.gov.uk – @JanetDaby

Joe Dromey – cllr_joe.dromey@lewisham.gov.uk – @Joe_Dromey

Damien Egan – damien.egan@lewisham.gov.uk – @damienegan

Paul Maslin – cllr_paul.maslin@lewisham.gov.uk – @PaulJMas

Joan Millbank – cllr_joan.millbank@lewisham.gov.uk – @cllrmillbank

Rachel Onikosi – cllr_rachel.onikosi@lewisham.gov.uk – @RachelOnikosi

If you live in Lewisham please copy your email to your local councillor (you can find your councillor here by entering your post code:


If you live in Southwark please copy your email to your local councillor (you can find your councillor here by entering your post code here:


Please copy your email to your local MP (you can find your MP here by entering your post code http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/Find-yo 

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