Fans being criminalised by Millwall Football Club

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Here at the AMS we have been dismayed at some of the current officers of the clubs’ attitude towards it’s lifeblood. It’s fans.

Not a month ago, Ken Chapman issued a ban to Joe Pizzaro completely out of step with the original civil ban, banning him from ALL Millwall property, including the club shop and Lions Centre for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once pressure was brought to bear by individuals and fan groups (not the MSC), that ban was reduced to come into line with the original civil ban. This means that Joe is currently banned for 5 years from all football grounds on match days. We at the AMS are still not happy with this as Joe was not arrested or even charged with any crime. However, our friendly neighbourhood ‘spotters’ can basically do what they want and ride roughshod over an individuals’ rights to protect themselves and their family and friends.

Today, we hear of another supporter that has, with the apparent consent of Millwall Football Club, been cautioned for removing a match ball from the stadium after yesterday’s game against Sheffield United FC.

Allegedly, this man was arrested in front of his young family which we think is a complete over reaction by both the Met and Millwall Football Club and it’s employees.

This gentlemen, after accepting a caution will now have a criminal record after this heinous act.

We feel that along with the Joe Pizzaro situation (which is going to the courts to be challenged), these two instances represent a complete misunderstanding of it’s fan base by Millwall Football Club.

The Chairman and the rest of the board are all guilty by association in trying to gentrify and sanitise this great club of ours with the official supporters club seemingly uninterested in protecting it’s paid up members’ rights.

This is why the AMS exists and will continue to be needed as a group that represents fans when they really need it.

We call on the club for a proper dialogue on these issues as they will no doubt be losing more and more ‘customers’ if their attitude towards the paying masses continues.

One thing we do know is that the Chairman will be criticising us for not turning up to homes games as he does on numerous occasions year on year both privately and publicly.

We would ask Mr. Berylson, what do you expect when you, your board, the police and the stewards treat us like criminals before we even take our seats?

Something has to change as we will be here long after these board members have gone. It looks like their legacy will be back to crowds of 5000 or less. These are days we do not want to see again at Millwall.

AMS is committed to exacting change on fan matters.


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