General Election 2017

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Willow Winston

#MillwallCommunity candidate for Lewisham East

Press conference – Wednesday May 17th 2017 – 2.30pm

Millwall Cafe, Zampa Road / Bolina Road SE16 3LF

Willow Winston is a prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Lewisham East constituency standing as an independent, supported by the Association of Millwall Supporters (AMS) under the online banner of #MillwallCommunity

She will be available to meet the press at the Millwall Cafe on Wednesday 17.05.17 at 2:30pm to outline her reasons for standing and to take questions.

Contact – AMS 0208 144 0232 /

#MillwallCommunity press statement

A borough resident for many years, Willow Winston knows what it is like to be on the receiving end of Lewisham Council’s unhealthy relationship with the British Virgin Island developer ‘Renewal’.

For years she has been threatened by them with losing her home and art studio via a Compulsory Purchase Order in return for a derisory sum in compensation from Renewal who stand to make a significant profit from their proposed New Bermondsey scheme.

Millwall fans stand WITH Willow and will work to support her parliamentary bid.

If Willow is voted in on 8 June 2017, she will:

Welcome regeneration in South London that puts its biggest community asset at heart, Millwall Football Club, rather than allowing the Council to do a private deal with an offshore property company which has no track record of carrying out a development of this scale.

  • Campaign for Millwall Football Club to be an essential participant in the New Bermondsey Scheme.
  • Campaign for a more sensitive development that takes into account the local community and appropriately benefits those affected by it.
  • Campaign across party lines to end the disjointed elected mayoral system in Lewisham which has allowed the same man to remain in power for more than 15 years.


  • Campaign for New Bermondsey to have a much higher level of affordable housing than the current 10-12% proposed by Renewal which Lewisham Council has surprisingly agreed to. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has set down 35% as the target level for affordable housing on new developments in London and therefore the New Bermondsey scheme needs to be much more ambitious.
  • Promote education, arts and culture within Lewisham.


Willow Winston

WILLOW WINSTON is an internationally recognised artist based in South Bermondsey and an active defender of a community that she considers under threat by an inappropriate development scheme that does not properly benefit its community.

Her art has been exhibited both in America as well as the UK and appears in collections on both sides of the Atlantic including the V&A. She studied at the Central School of Art & Design in the 1970s and has taught in several universities including Central Saint Martins in the US and the Royal Academy Schools in the UK, as well as in adult education and schools.

In 2000, she acquired a derelict warehouse close to Millwall FC, which she rebuilt into her studio, enabling her to work freely on a scale not possible before.

Willow is a member of the renowned Winston family, which includes her brother Lord Robert Winston, the British professor, medical doctor, scientist, television presenter and Labour Party politician.

Since 2010 Willow has been battling with Lewisham Council and its favoured developer, Renewal, to fight off the proposed Compulsory Purchase Order. Not only would it affect her own work-home premises and other local businesses, but it would also include land leased to Millwall Football Club and the Millwall Community Trust.

Fighting alone initially, she has now received support from both the Club and its supporters since the threat to Millwall and the community surrounding it became apparent. Willow is an active user of the threatened Lions Centre, which houses Millwall’s award winning community scheme.

Willow is standing for Parliament in the Lewisham East constituency, currently held by the former Deputy Mayor of Lewisham and ex Cabinet member for Regeneration, Heidi Alexander.