Goldsmith student needing our help.

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First off… thank you for the chance to speak to a few Millwall fans.

Maybe I should just introduce myself to get things started. My name is Chandrashekar (I’m from India) and I’m studying journalism here at Goldsmiths.

As part of our coursework, we’re required to produce a multimedia project on a topic of our choice and I’d like to produce one on football; I worked extensively on the academic side of football clubs and identities back home and this seemed like a natural choice!

The more immediate background to my story …

I really wanted my project to be something that was of relevance to the local community – and I began reading up on the dispute between the Lewisham council and Millwall FC over the land order purchase.

Now, I really want to be very clear on this because I know it is a sensitive topic. I’m not looking for quotes/information on that story.

What I’d like, against the backdrop of the above, is to talk about the people-club connections behind that story.

What I’m trying to say is that I would love to get some feedback and opinions and quotes on Millwall FC and its fans.

What makes the club so special to each of you? How did you come to support the club – was it just because you live in the area or is there something deeper?

Basically, why Millwall? How important is the club in your lives… is it more than just football?

And if we could also talk about a few stories or anecdotes about supporting Millwall, that would be super! Stories about being a Millwall supporter… the ups, the downs, historic moments you remember as fans and the reasons why.

Also, because I’d like this to be a multimedia project (after all, pictures speak a thousand words [or something to that effect!]), I’d love it if you could share a few photos with me…

These could be of absolutely anything that speaks to the connection you feel you share with the club. Maybe the very first game you saw at the Den, a photo with your favourite player, a video of the stadium celebrating an important goal, a photo of the stadium from many years ago that someone in your family took… any photo or video that you feel is what defines the Millwall link would be very welcome.

Do also please include all the necessary attribution and credit you’d like to be noted for photos and videos…

I’d also like to stress that all of the material I hope you will be kind enough to share with me is absolutely confidential! I’m putting together a paper for my classwork and classwork only… this will not be printed or published in any newspaper or outlet.

I realise this may be a lil strange… but I would really love to put together something on this subject and I’d be very grateful for all your help!

If there is anything further you need from me… if you have doubts over the quotes or need further clarification of any sort, please do not hesitate to reach out:

Twitter: @Chandrashekar82

Once again… I’m very grateful for your help and I look forward to your replies..


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