Good bye Cold blow lane.

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You may have noticed (er… you have noticed … haven’t you?), we haven’t produced any issues of CBL Magazine this season. And if i am honest, I can’t see me doing so for the remainder of this season at least.
There are a few reasons behind this, strangely none of which are football related. This maybe seen as surprising by some, given our current position. But as a veteran of the late 1970s and early 1980s, there really is nothing that Neil Harris and John Berylson can do to me that hasn’t already been done. Indeed done with far greater devastation and long-term mental scarring by those crimes against humanity committed by Peter Anderson and George Petchey in those dreary years.
Anyone who lived through that era has already seen the white tunnel of near-death, with your whole life replaying before your eyes. (I am visualizing the Toy Story scene where the toys collectively hold hands to face the incinerator here. You get my drift).
Nope. I just find myself with too many balls in my juggling act; and too little time to do it all justice.
So sadly something has to give; and I have decided that that something is CBL Magazine.
The whole writing, production and then selling of the magazine is an intensely physical process. One that I find I just don’t have the mojo for at the moment. Maybe that will change, I kind of hope it will. Equally I am also enjoying not having to do it each quarter. Especially with the cold and rain of winter a-looming. And as my wife would tell me, you have to listen to your body Nick. So i kind of expect it not to change.
My apologies for not writing this sooner. I have in truth struggled with this email, rather as one struggles with a break up letter to the girl you still secretly hold a candle for.
As Lynyrd Skynyrd once sang though, the big wheel keeps on turning and I would like to thank my writers, photographers and sellers for all their help, contributions and support. They all know who they are and they know how much i appreciated their work.
A big thank you too to Neil Andrews. A truly talented designer who gave the magazine a professional feel and, more importantly, prevented me from producing a punk rock DIY looking Sniffing Glue mark 2 style fanzine.
Is the age of the football fanzine done? I hope not. Modern technology is taking us all in different directions. There will however, I hope, always be a role for the paper magazine at the game though – and maybe a new generation will take on the fanzine burden. Maybe. That would be heartening if so.
I will close by saying that, over the years, we helped raise a lot of money for very many charities and indeed the club. CBL Magazine donated over £9,000 from 2012 -16 and if I add in the work we did with NOLU from 2009-12, the sum goes up to £17,500+ for charity and £4,500 in various kit sponsorships.
So all in all, I think we all did our bit for Millwall society. We should be proud of what we all achieved. Thank you all for buying it and I hope enjoying our efforts.
Byyyyyye for now…

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