Guardian keeps watchful eye.

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Media interest in the Regen story.
Guardian keeps watchful eye on Lewisham/Renewal proposals
Millwall Football Club’s opposition to Lewisham Council’s proposal to issue Compulsory Purchase Orders in favour of
Development company ‘Renewal‘ for areas of land on and around the site of The Den has been widely documented.
Millwall has put forward its own scheme for regeneration of the local area that will benefit not only the football club
going forward, but also Millwall Community Trust, the local community itself and Lewisham Council.
In recent months, there has been increasing media interest in this story, with The Guardian newspaper keen to get to the bottom of the relationship between Lewisham Council and Renewal, and the reason for their determination reject Millwall’s alternative scheme.
For those who wish to read more deeply into the issues and get The Guardian’s take on this issue.
Huge thanks to Barney For his time and all the effort he’s put in to this story.
Here are the links below to some of the newspaper’s articles from 2016.
Permission kindly given to republish these stories by Barney Ronay 

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