Hayley’s Story.

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We’ve been asked to post this story by a Fan whose trying to help a friend having a hard time.

My friend Hayley who is a single mum of two beautiful girls was diagnosed with Breast cancer two years ago, she had a mastectomy to remove the cancer.
Hayley has recently had another lump removed which again turns out to be Cancer. She had another major op to remove her lymph nodes which were cancerous and now is under going chemotherapy. It’s going to be a long road for Hayley with all her treatment.
Not once has Hayley moaned or felt sorry for herself, she has accepted this is happening to her and is fighting it ALL the way. I truly have never met such a strong and brave person.

Hayley is unable to work to support her two girls who are her world.
Myself and her loving family would love to raise some money to give Hayley and her girls a brilliant Christmas, we feel this might take a little of the worry and stress away from making Christmas happen.
We appreciate money can be tight this time of year anything would be greatly appreciated however little.

Thank you so much

Sarah and Hayley’s Family xxxx


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