How much more of this are we going to have to endure?

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Another home game, another defeat. How much more of this are we going to have to endure? How long before the 7,500 tonight turns to less than 5,000? The club is being run into the ground by a man who perhaps should come out and just admit, he’s got it wrong. Yes our chairman has been good for the club in the past but now it’s just not good enough. Neil Harris has been made a scapegoat just to sell season tickets to bring in revenue and I genuinely feel sorry for him. He deserves so much better.

We have a squad that quite simply is based of ‘the cheap options’ or those we couldn’t get rid of due to being under contract. We’ve introduced a brand new scouting network that was supposed to work wonders for our team, who have we bought? No one. Who have we scouted from other clubs? No one. Who have we signed; a reject from Gillingham and 2 players we’ve already had twice at the club. How much money have we spent on players transfer fees? Nothing which is disgraceful.

We’ve missed out on 2 transfer targets Mawson & Hanson who would have clearly made a huge difference to our team this year and we have missed out AGAIN! I get fed up in the transfer window with the complete lack of ambition and activity, which leads to the loan signings of ‘has beens’ or players who no one else wants and I can promise you, we will lose Fred before next season for nowhere near his true value just like we lost Tim Cahill all them years ago and be left wondering why?

I will always support Millwall Football Club, regardless of the league we’re in and continue to buy my season ticket/away tickets but how many will? How long before enough is enough and people turn their back on the club. I fear for us this season now I really do, perhaps we’re all panicking/being premature and things will improve but I just can’t see how we can get out of this rut. I don’t expect miracles or trophies, I just want our club back to what it used to be.

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