This season, becoming an AMS member is easier than ever. You can now join by logging in with your Twitter or Facebook login. Here’s how and why you should consider joining.

Why Join The AMS?

AMS is an independent fan group; meaning we are not directly affiliated with the Football Club and therefore we aim to truely represent the fans best interests. We want to work alongside the Club and the MSC to push the matters that are important to Millwall fans.

  • It’s FREE and EASY!
  • Get access to AMS away day travel
  • Access to Millwall related events & parties
  • Online fan forum
  • Independent (We’re not funded by the club)
  • Active community of Millwall fans

How To Join

Joining is simple, you can either register here or join using Twitter or Facebook.


Still need convincing?

Get in touch with us via Twitter @A_M_S_group and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.