A letter to the Millwall CEO from a concerned fan

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Dear Andy

I hope this finds you well??

For 33 years I have been a Season Ticket holder.

I go all home games and a fair few away games with my family and friends.

My wife received a call from Ken Chapman on 08.03.16. saying he believed that someone in my company had tried to get in using a child’s ticket at a previous game.

I have tried to contact him to put the record straight but have not managed to speak to him yet.

For the record no one from my party tried to use a child’s ticket, it was in fact me who used this ticket. I hold my hands up and admit that.

The reason I used the ticket is because prior to the game I was with friends and my Ventilator stopped working (without this I could die). I went immediately to St Thomas Hospital to get my equipment checked.

I gave my wallet, with Season Tickets in, to my Brother in Law.

After going to the Hospital and receiving a new battery for my Ventilator I headed to the Den.

I knew my family would be in the ground and have my unused Season Ticket. As I was in a rush to get in I gave the Steward a child’s ticket. It was in fact me who pointed this out to her.

She started going on about getting a Supervisor and I said to her that if she sent them up to Block 33 I could give them my unused Season Ticket.

As no one came up I presumed common sense had prevailed as she sees me with my Season Ticket every game.

When I attended the Sheffield United game yesterday I was with 11 family and friends.

7 of them went through the turnstiles and 4 (including myself) came through the disabled door with valid Adult Season Tickets for the disabled enclosure.

Again the Steward refused us entry.

I asked her why. First of all, she said we didn’t have tickets. When I showed her the 4 Season Tickets she said one was invalid. Now, she put them through the machine so quickly that I don’t know how she knew which ones had been swiped in her presence.

We were told we had to wait for a Supervisor but as there was a woman Supervisor standing 20 feet away I asked her to come over and assist. She stated she could not do this.

At this point we were missing the first 15 minutes of the game, including the goal.

Finally, a Supervisor arrived (a tall young man with either 006 or 009 on he’s jacket).

Luckily he had some common sense and could see all we wanted was to get entry with our valid tickets.

He took our Season Tickets off to check and returned them to me in the Stadium.

The issues here are that not only did we miss the first 15 minutes but also we were treated like criminals.

The lady Steward on the door is a nice enough person but struggles with basic English. I asked her how many times do you think people’s Season Tickets get swiped twice by Stewards not looking at the screen and she admitted many times she has done this herself.

We have had numerous problems with Stewards over the last 18 months.

I carry a medical suit case with sterile medical equipment in.

I have a letter from Millwall’s Security Team saying I am allowed to take it in and I don’t mind the Stewards looking in it but once they touch it then it’s no longer sterile.

Early in the season I was refused entry with the suitcase. Even a Doctor from the Medical Room came out and argued and even wrote a letter of disgust.

I had 2 friends with me that day who had been going Millwall for years, they have refused to return. I can happily give you their details to speak with them.

I find the attitudes of the majority of the Matchday staff antagonistic and I hear so many stories of Millwall alienating their fan base on a Matchday.

I am just your run of the mill fan. I have 7 season tickets. I sponsor a player and once a season will hire an Executive Box. By no means am I financially bank rolling the Club but I would like to think my support is valid.

I have set up a Millwall Supporters Club in Bruges for friends who travel from there. Even yesterday 3 of them attended.

I don’t hold out much hope from a response from you to be honest.

I wrote to you in January informing you that the lift in the disabled was dangerous and an accident and insurance claim waiting to happen.

In the same letter I suggested setting up a halftime time area in Arry’s Bar for the disabled fans, thus giving them somewhere to go and a chance for you to make much needed cash. I am still awaiting a reply.

I will not stop going. I believe it’s my Club and won’t be forced away. Sadly though, some of my friends are not the same and are already saying they are not going to attend so many games.

I think you should keep my letter on file and the next time John Berylson questions why our crowds are so low you could use this as an example.



c.c. Peter Garston


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