Millwall have signed a four-year sponsorship deal with Lewisham Council worth £280,000.

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Millwall plan to unveil their new strip and the full details behind their controversial link up with Lewisham Council at a Special Press Conference on Monday.


News of the £70,000 a year sponsorship scheme was leaked out this week including the fact that next season the players will wear shirts with the word Lewisham on the font alongside the Labour controlled council’s logo and the club badge. But chief executive Graham Hortop was quick to dismiss reports that the club is also considering changing its name to Lewisham Millwall. “That’s a complete non-starter,” he said. “I’d like to kill that story stone-dead before -people start getting upset about it”. Under the new agreement Millwall will also allow the council to advertise at the Den and in their match day programme, and the players will take part in Lewisham’s anti-drugs and anti-racism campaigns. Millwall officials are quietly proud of the way they have improved their club’s image this season and they are hoping that the Lewisham tie up will finally kill off their ‘hooligan’ reputation once and for all. There will also he a concession of 100 tickets for the old, needy and the handicapped – but the deal’ has already been slammed by local Tory leader David Green. “It is a complete waste of money for the borough. It doesn’t solve any local problems and the only reason for it is to hype up Lewisham council by giving money to a club that doesn’t need it.” Millwall’s former owners have just been awarded £3.7 Million in compensation against the Asda-MFI superstore chain, who agreed to develop part of the Den site only to pull out -but the club won’t see any of that money.


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