Open letter to Alan Williams

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Open letter to Alan Williams Millwall football club.

Dear Mr Williams,

We are a new fan group called the AMS and the reason for this letter is to ask you some questions about yet another ticketing fiasco under your watch. Again, across all forms of social media we have loyal fans complaining about web site crashestelephonequeueing and being cut off by the club ticketing phone line. Large quantities of these supporters found it easier to register and buy tickets directly from Fulham Football Club.

We did some research and found a number which unfortunately cost 10p per min to call but at least put fans in a position to obtain tickets rather than making multiple calls or spending hours refreshing crashed web pages. We provided this for the fans in the face of the Millwall Supporters Club, yourself and your fellow board members not putting anything out of any meaning to placate the situation.

So the questions we would like to ask on behalf of a lot of Millwall fans are these:

Why did both the ticket phone line and web site fail yet again?

  • Why didn’t you have a plan B?
  • Why was there no information from the club put out on official channels at the time?
  • Why were there only three ticket windows open on the first day that these tickets became available?
  • Has there been a direct apology to the fans from the commercial department.

We intend to be the independent fans voice in the future, rather than the sanitised official supporters club that, along with the fan on the board, just do the bidding of the club. We were told that the QPR situation would not be repeated, it was. It’s all very well blaming the provider, but the club is culpable as it has entered into the agreement with this particular ticketing agency. Another blunder to go with the away season ticket debacle!

We as Millwall fans have taken far too much abuse on these sorts of issues from our own club, a lot of it under your stewardship of the commercial department. Please remember it is our club, we are here permanently, whereas you are an employee.

Yours Faithfully


Association of Millwall Supporters

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