Steve Bullock Statement CPO Dropped

Statement by Mayor Bullock in relation to the SCSF and New Bermondsey CPO I have not made any public comment in regard to the proposed CPO because of my involvement with the Surrey Canal Sports Foundation (SCSF). However it has … Continued

Ams Statement 24-1-2017

AMS statement 24.01.17 Today’s news has moved very fast. Firstly we hear that a group of 45 Lewisham councillors has called for an independent enquiry into the New Bermondsey affair. Secondly a major sponsor of the Renewal scheme in Cabinet … Continued

Ams Statement 19-1-2017

AMS statement Tonight’s revelations by The Guardian’s will shock all who have followed this sorry New Bermondsey affair. The AMS will make no comment on the specific allegations, which will need to follow due process. However we do take this … Continued

AMS Statement 11-1-2017

AMS statement Yesterday’s adjournment of the Lewisham Cabinet meeting considering the ‘New Bermondsey’ Compulsory Purchase Orders, allows welcome breathing space for cool and calm reflection by all sides. This is however merely a postponement, not a cancellation. Therefore our work … Continued