Press release from the AMS Group

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AMS has for some time been in discussion with Renewal. Lewisham council and the chairman John Berylson over the erection of an obelisk style memorial to commemorate all those fans and players who fell in the great war and subsequent wars thereafter.
To date AMS are the only fan group that has consulted directly with the developer Renewal and Lewisham Council and obtained their direct permission and have basic agreement with the chairman,    we are awaiting a meeting with CEO Andy Ambler to submit the final drawings and have all permissions in place in order to raise the remainder of the funds needed as we already have some funding in place.
As far as we are aware from the club when the meeting takes place MSC chairman Bob Asprey will be invited to attend to offer their input and co operation with this worthy project.
We will release a further statement after our meeting with the club.

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