QPR Vs Millwall 19/9/2018 Information

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Away Bar = Belushi’s bar in Hammersmith

QPR Stadium is open for supporters from 6:30pm – Bars will be open as normal

The main piece of advice from QPR is for Milllwall supporters to please arrive as early as possible and no later than 7:30pm for entry to the stadium. If you arrive later than 7:30pm there is a risk that you may miss the start of the match which can cause issues at the entrance, so please arrive within a reasonable time frame. Arriving late will not eliminate the need for ticket checks so please bare this in mind.

It is highly recommended that you arrange for the entry and exit of Loftus Road Stadium via the south side to the Uxbridge road and not the North side via Wood lane. As in previous years the entrance and exit will be via the Ellerslie road and onto Uxbridge road.

When you arrive the fencebox that was in place last year will not be in place this year. We understand that this can look aggressive and we want a safe, friendly entrance. The Fencebox has been replaced with crowd barriers. These will help ensure safety whilst not having the aggressive look of the Fencebox.

We would ask for everyone’s cooperation in keeping the aisles and vomitories clear in case of a medical emergency.

There is a controlled drinking Zone around Hammersmith. This has been in place for years, so please be aware that you are not allowed to drink in the streets around the borough of Hammersmith