Reply from Councillor Anood Al-Samerai

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Thank you very much for your email. The Liberal Democrat Council Group works closely with Sir Simon Hughes and we know he has gone to considerable lengths to fight your corner over many years. We are all keen to do all that we can to support the club. Have you had any response yet from the Labour Councillors in Southwark as we could certainly try to put some pressure on from our end?

Best wishes,

Councillor Anood Al-Samerai
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Riverside Ward
Leader, Southwark Liberal Democrat Council Group


below is our reply Back.


Dear Cllr Anood Al-Samerai

Thank you for your response we have received a number of responses and would welcome any pressure and help you and your group can give.

Will you be attending the Lewisham meeting on 17th and if so would you be willing to make representations (if allowed) on our behalf.

Best wishes and thanks again for your response.

AMS Group


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