Statement from Millwall Fan Pizarro

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Statement from Joe Pizarro


I would first like to say thank you for the overwhelming support and the many messages I have received.

I have been offered a meeting by Peter Gartson with the club , however no date has been given.
After careful consideration I have decided against meeting with them . They seem more concerned with keeping this off of the internet and out of the public gaze then actually addressing the issue at hand which is their knee jerk reaction and blanket ban from the Premises of Millwall FC .

Furthermore I will refuse to engage with them further until I have in my possession a letter amending the conditions of my ban . While I understand the club must work in conjunction with the courts and police in regards to the civil ban I feel their letter was over the top and unjust , I feel let down badly by the club I have loved my whole life . I do not have to suck up to these people or explain my actions any further.

The people currently in charge of the club seem to think very little of our fan base in general and my case is by no means an isolated incident . I would like to reiterate the fact I have not been found guilty or convicted of any offence . The alleged offence was not committed at a or around a match involving Millwall FC ( or even in this country) nor was the name of the club mentioned in the media reports that followed my civil ban.

The AMS have put me onto a legal team that are willing to fight my case . Due to the fact I do not use social media I shall be making statements through the AMS and i am thankful for their help and support with this.

Thank you once more for your continued support .


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