Steve Bullock Statement CPO Dropped

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Statement by Mayor Bullock in relation to the SCSF and New Bermondsey CPO

I have not made any public comment in regard to the proposed CPO because of my involvement with the Surrey Canal Sports Foundation (SCSF). However it has been reported in the media yesterday that I am “Unwavering in my support for the CPO” i.e. the proposed CPO which would affect Millwall FC and other property owners in the area. This is not correct and in order to clarify matters I am making the following statement.

“I have served as a Trustee of the Surrey Canal Sport Foundation for several years because I want to see excellent sports and youth facilities provided in the New Bermondsey area as well as new housing. The proposed development was given planning permission in late 2011 by the Strategic Planning Committee. That committee is independent of the Mayor and Cabinet and I am not nor ever have been a member of it. I have not taken part in any subsequent decisions that were required to be taken either by Cabinet or a Planning Committee.

“Consideration of a proposed CPO which arises from the decision taken by the Planning Committee is the responsibility of the Mayor and Cabinet and this began in February 2016. For the reasons stated above I have played no part in those discussions.

“However information has been provided by Millwall to the Council in the last few weeks that raised two concerns that appear not to have been addressed previously in regard to aspects of the future operation of the Community Sports Scheme and the operation of Millwall’s own Academy. I have always been clear that Millwall must be at the heart of the development and it is my view that these concerns need to be thoroughly addressed the CPO should not proceed and that all parties concerned should enter discussions to identify an agreed way to achieve the regeneration of this area while resolving these concerns.

“Other issues of concern have been raised in relation to the operation of the SCSF and as soon as these concerns were raised I wrote to the Council’s Chief Executive asking that an independent inquiry take place into them and I cannot comment further until the inquiry reports.”


Sir Steve Bullock

Mayor of Lewisham